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Whose behind 4chan? READ


lol okay so apparently I know someone who helped write the ‘ghost scripts’ for 4tarded. 4chan* lol unless hes just trying to be spiteful and sound cool, i dont know but if this shit goes down, he was really REALLY stupid for telling me.

are you retarded?  There are hundreds of thousands of people behind 4chan.  Honestly… you’re retarded.  And you’re the kind of people that deserve to get their accounts hacked.  Just because of your level of idiocy.




I’m sorry followers for my long absence.  It’s a personality thing <3


Chiodos+Attack Attack!
You are amazing. And your Tumblr is just as amazing c:

Thanks!  You’re gorgeous!


this commercial used to scare me


Im posting this one more time before I go to bed.
I am so close to deleting my Tumblr.
All you kids care about is what is relevant to you.
And your life.
It takes 30 seconds to repost this.

Wow, so seeing this after making a post about some emotional problems really does wonders for the self-esteem.
Regardless, reblogging anyway, sans the guilt trip for future rebloggers; you should reblog it, not because I think you’re selfish or conceited or whatever, but because you’re good people and I know you’ll pass the word on to other good people who want to help find this girl.
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